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BTCEARN is launched 18 July as the biggest BTC redistribution token and the only one with auto-claim feature. The launch was incredible and the feedback received was overwhelming. Within a few hours we hit 10M mcap and people realized that the auto-claiming was working and sending automatically BNB to each holder’s wallet.


But we discovered a technical flaw. One flaw that our paid audit did not discover. By the time we realized it was not possible to fix it, some people were using it already.


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BTC EARN it’s deflationary and reflective token, In it’s most basic form $BTCE is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BTC Earn was deployed on BSC to take advantage of the improvements the BSC makes to the speed and cost of transactions comparet to the Ethereum Network.

Lowered Cost Of Transactions

Under times of high transaction volume, like the current bull market, the cost to transact even small amounts of Ethereum is prohibitively high for most retail investors; the basic act of submitting a transaction on Uniswap can cost,upwards to sixty dollars, which means that across just two transactions – a purchase order and a sell order – one can expect to pay over 120 dollars. This cost is prohibitive to the average person and makes operations on the Ethereum Network illogical for all but the largest of investors.

The BSC solves this problem through its use of a Proof of Staked Authority model, which results in significantly lower cost transaction costs. In face, the BSC is so much more efficient than Ethereum that the average cost to subit a buy or sell order on BSC is on approximately eighty cents. Since BTC EARN was built on the BSC, $BTCE holders and traders get to take advantage of these low fees, enabling retail investors to acquire $BTCE, as well as enticing already established trades.

Our Feature And Transaction Fees

In the pre-launch phase of BTC EARN, our team had numerous conversations regarding the merits of various tokenomic models. Through these conversations, the team determined that BTC distribution were the most important and innovative element for creating long-term, self-sustaining value.


By distributing a portion of every transaction, $BTCE holdersa automatically earn tokens as if they were staking. This means that holders get to enjoy the longer they go without selling, as their share of distributed BTCB Bep-20 incerases as they accrue rewards from prior distributions. the 18% figure was chosen for the total tax because the token is designed to function as a store of value. As a team we came to conclusion that our tax being average would have affected us badly. Other tokens may have found success with models that used lower taxes, their success is only temporary due to low distributed BTCB Bep-20.


Binance Smart Chain. On this NFT marketplace, $BTCE will be the only currency accepted for the purchases and sales of NFTs or NFT packs. On top of this, we have plans to use $BTCE as a governane token to make decisions on which NFTs are relased in order to both maintain the value of our NFTs over time and create the mos appealing sets of NFTs in the whole cryptocurrency sphere! This proposed NFT marketplace and set of NFTs will serve to create an ecosystem that rewards creators for their work.All in all , the end goal of BTC EARN is to create a strong community-guided project tied to the importance of decentralized finance and internet culture. While this document sings the praises of the BSC, the team does acknowledge its downsides. First, it’s a centralized blockchain, which is a concern to some as it carries a larger inherent risk of a hostile takeover than a decentralized blockchain. Second, it can be diffucult to enterl there are far fewer exchanges to purchase BTC on when comparet with mainstream availability of Blockchain. However, these trade-offs are worth it when considering the massive upsides that the BSC provide.


While BTC EARN it is the best of its kind. Backed by an already strong community of 500+ holders, a transparent, solid and hard working team, BTC EARN is destined to find its place in space.

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